Artists’ Guide to Miami Music Week 2020

Miami Music Week 2020 is upon us. One of the most exciting electronic dance music events in the country and possibly the world! Too dramatic? I don’t think so. I mean, for seven days straight the hottest labels and artists in the industry will be throwing pool parties and showing off their fresh, unreleased music gems under the warm Florida sun. If you are an electronic artist just like me this is the place and time to network and make friends in the industry, because EVERYONE is there. Personally I’m so excited to finally have a chance to go, perform, network and enjoy myself with my awesome squad.  

How To Prepare For Miami Music Week Ahead Of Time

  • As a female DJ, artist or producer, I believe the number one thing is to find your squad – like minded people who you trust, with whom you would feel safe to share a hotel and keep up with the intense schedule of the MMW. 
  • If you don’t have anyone to fly with, make a Facebook or Instagram post. I guarantee there is always someone you know that is going and that you can either make plans with or link up once you are there. 
  • This goes without saying, but you should book your flight and hotel ahead of time. People book their itinerary at least a year in advance sometimes. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to find a place to stay or a reasonably-priced flight.
  • If you are looking to play a set, do a little research to see if any of the artists or industry people you know personally or through social media are performing or holding events. Ask if there is an opportunity for you as well, or to keep you in mind if there is an open slot. 
  • Check the schedule of MMW on the official website and purchase tickets to the parties you definitely want to attend. These tickets sell out sooner rather than later.
  • You should have business cards or USBs to give away to prospects. You can upload your EPK, dj mix, new track, and press photos on there.
  • Even if you are not booked, prepare a DJ set and always carry a USB with you, as you never know if the opportunity to play will present itself.

What To Do Once You’re At Miami Music Week 2020

I think it’s important you decide beforehand what the goal of your visit is. Are you there to party, network or a little bit of both? Mixing business and fun is always great, but if you are trying to build credibility in the industry, getting wasted and behaving obnoxiously won’t help. Keep the middle ground at all times. Be friendly, outgoing and initiate conversations, but don’t force it. Be nice to everyone, (I mean, this should be your everyday life moto!), as you never know who you are connecting with. You might just make friends with the next Martin Garrix! I think one of the important aspects when networking that is often overlooked is to ask & listen more and talk less. Of course it’s important you present yourself well and mention your achievements, but also express interest and think of how you can contribute to the connection you just made rather than what  you can get from it. People are emotional creatures, they are going to remember how you made them feel, so authenticity is crucial.


Post-Miami Music Week Checklist 

Following up is as equally important as networking, and I recommend you do it sooner rather than later. I like to keep things organized. You can create a MMW 2020 excel sheet with contact info of everyone you’ve met that week, like so:  





Social Handle


After you do that, follow up with everyone (If you can) who you got to connect with that week. If you got to play a set, send a thank you email to people who booked you. If you promised someone you would send your mix for them to listen to, get on it right away. If you met artists that were open for collaboration, send them a follow up email and maybe a track that you started and think would be a good fit for them to collaborate with you on. 

See You At MMW 2020 

My schedule is still in the works ,but certain things are set in stone.

  1. I am flying in to Miami with my team on March 18th, dropping bags off at the hotel and heading straight to Rácket club for my set at Serafin and Friends MMW party . Spoiler alert, excited to have  a special guest Sarah De Warren joining me at my set, straight out of London UK to sing our new-yet-unreleased single “Lost & Found”. 
  2. I am definitely going to attend Purified party by adored Nora En Pure on Friday. 
  3. I’ll also be attending Spinnin’ Records and, Armada Music parties on Saturday.

Last, I’m going to wrap up the week of craziness with playing the Sundance Pool party at Mondrian hotel pool at 12pm on Sunday, March 22nd.

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