My New Wood Violin: White Viper


I’m obsessed with my new custom-made Mark Wood white viper violin! Not the chillest intro but that’s exactly how I feel about it. Before we go on, this article is not sponsored, I just wanted to share my honest opinion about this dope instrument designed by legendary Mark Wood at Wood Violins. In addition the company is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year which is another proof of how cool they are.


1. Let’s go back for a minute:

I got my first electric violin which was a five-string Yamaha, about eight years ago, and I was totally happy with it. In my opinion Yamaha makes high-quality instruments and I always will be a fan of their product. However, for me as a DJ who also plays her violin during sets the freedom of self-supporting instruments became a deal breaker.


2. How it all started:

I saw my good friend Sarah Charness rocking the hell out of it at shows, and it looked so much fun (Sarah has the pink one! @sarahpinkviolin) but I didn’t realize how amazing it  felt to actually play viper until our show in Chicago, for which I got a loaner viper, so Sarah and I could have matching instruments. I was DJing for the entire length of our set and at certain parts of the set had violin solos. I remember at our first rehearsal I was amazed by the design of the chest support system, which means no chin rest, no shoulder rest,  and no holding it with your neck until it spasms lol. It was total physical and musical freedom. I finally could spin without needing to put the violin down.


3. No more wires:

Another amazing factor was no wires. Usually I would have to clip my wireless pack on my belt or dress but here I just taped it on the back of the viper and voila! I have to say thanks to Sarah for this great gaff tape tip 🙂


4. Great variety of options:

As soon as we got back from Chicago I put an order for my custom made viper.  They have quite a few options for bridges, amount of strings which ranges from 4 to 7, fretted or non-fretted, and of course colors and textures. Personally I went with the classic white matte finish and black hardware. I also chose to have frets for more fun and freedom in case of shows when it is hard to hear myself I can be assured I play in tune. For that tip I want to say thanks to my Canadian viper buddy Brigit O’regan @brigitfiddle. She got the fretted viper as well and told me it was the best decision.



5. To sum up: 

My collection of violins is definitely growing – two acoustics, five-string Yamaha electric  violin and fretted Viper Wood Violin. I love them all, as they all serve a various sound and esthetic purpose. However I’m excited to continue rocking my DJ sets with a new white viper violin on my chest.